In Clear Sight Series, Prequel

Safe Haven

Hidden in plain sight, the residents of Grandger, Texas are kept in the dark about the dangerous secrets lurking in their small town except for four people. Only these townies know the truth behind the revolving door of temporary residents of their remote West Texas town:

– Maxwell, The US Marshal ready to quit and return to the army when a certain witness takes the stand, making him forget everything but her.
– Anne, an independent rancher who doesn’t need help from anyone until he takes up residence in her guest cottage.
– Trapper and Shade, Two officers still mourning the loss of their shared love when a beautiful distraction moves next door.
– Caradee, A doctor, still pining over the man who left her for another woman when a stranger shows up on her doorstep, a baby in tow, demanding her help.

Safe Haven is a short novella meant to introduce you to the four townies of Grandger, TX in the upcoming romantic suspense series In Clear Sight. This is not a full novel, only a short prequel until the series releases this fall. Due to mature language, detailed intimate scenes, discussion of past abuse, and violence, the In Clear Sight series is suggested for mature readers.
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