In Clear Sight Series, #2

Cherished by the Agent

I’m a hunted man, forced into witness protection after the man I put behind bars as an undercover DEA agent escapes federal custody. Nothing matters but lying low until he’s recaptured and I can return to normal life until I meet her. Confident, sexy as hell, and my new warden, I crave her the moment our eyes meet. Alone in a safe house on her long horn ranch force us together, turning the lonely days into hot nights that neither of us wants to end.

I can’t know anything about him or why he entered witness protection, though that doesn’t stop the immediate attraction to the mysterious man. Hard body covered in tattoos, soul-piercing blue eyes, and a filthy mouth. He’s everything I’ve fantasized about but never had.

Getting involved is reckless, putting both at risk.

An unknown threat trying to ruin her and dangerous men hunting him leave them vulnerable.

It will take both trusting each other to survive the dangers lurking in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike.

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