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Top three things I didn’t expect to happen at the start of the year. 

  1. Becoming fake married for an FBI undercover assignment. 
  2. Infiltrating a creepy cult to rescue a young girl. 
  3. Running into the boy who broke my heart 10 years ago. 

But here I am. 


Mine to Shelter

Just when I thought life couldn’t get worse, a past nightmare returns. But this time he’s after more than my body. He wants it all—me and my daughter.


Mine to Protect

Book 1 in the Protection Series

“Most women go their whole lives without being the object of someone’s obsession,” I said to no one in particular. “And here I am having it happen twice in less than a decade.”

Guarded by the Marshal

Book 1 in the In Clear Sight series

√ Small town
√ Heroine in danger
√ Forced proximity
√ Witty banter
√ Steamy
√ Forbidden romance


Covert Affair

He wants her off his base . . . and in his bed.

She’s there to work . . . not fall for the rock-solid senior officer in charge.

More than a Threat

Book 1 in the More than a Threat series

When the client becomes more than just the job, will the distraction be his undoing or her death sentence?

Power Games

Book 1 in the Power Play series

I’m in over my head, failing in their power games I don’t understand.

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