More than a Threat Series, #2

More than a Risk

When the one you love risks it all, how far will you go to save them from themselves?

He shouldn’t have left, knowing the cartel was relentless to follow through on the threat. Casey deserved her hate and only wished he could take her pain too. More secretive than ever, his honed instincts screamed she was up to no good. He had no idea how much trouble she’d gotten herself into until it was too late. This time though, Casey wasn’t leaving, determined to run straight into hell to save her from herself.

Being shot sucked. Though the physical pain was less than the crush of her heart when Kate woke up and found him standing over her hospital bed. She couldn’t forgive him, not for leaving when she needed him most. But now she’d gotten herself in too deep, overestimated her abilities—again. Kate needed his help to see her reckless plan through or she might find herself a trafficking victim too.

More Than a Risk is the second book in the More Than a Threat series and should only be read after enjoying the first book, More Than a Threat. Please note this series is intended for mature audiences due to foul language, detailed intimate scenes, and violence.
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